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Other people, so I have read, treasure memorable moments in their lives: the time one climbed the Parthenon at sunrise, the summer night one met a lonely girl in Central Park, and achieved with her a sweet and natural relationship, as they say in books. I too once met a girl in Central Park, but it is not much to remember. What I remember is the time John Wayne killed three men with a carbine as he was falling to the dusty street in Stagecoach, and the time the kitten found Orson Wells in the doorway in The Third Man.Walker Percy, The Moviegoer

I’m a writer.  I also teach.  My favourite adjective is “unabashed”.  My favourite quote from a student is: “I’m trying to f—ing learn here!”  I came into teaching after doing many other jobs: office stuff, mainly. If it involved a desk, that was me.  I worked nights as an usher at an art-house cinema for years.  That’s where I really discovered film. 

I remember seeing a re-release of Touch of Evil at a suggestible moment, and I’ve always secretly aspired to Marlene Dietrich’s eulogy for Orson Welles: “He was some kind of man.”  To quote Marlene again: “What does it matter what you say about people?” 

I could tell you that, when I was eight, I wanted Bill Murray’s “haircut” from Ghostbusters, and that it took me until my teens to realise he was going bald.  I could tell you that I hum the theme-tune from Brazil in moments of stress.  Or I could tell you that I’ve memorized Woody Allen’s closing monologue from Annie Hall.  But really, what does it matter?  What I should tell you is that I love movies. I’ve been going to the cinema weekly since I could walk. 

The first time I read a Roger Ebert review, it changed my world.  Ebert’s dictum, “a movie is not about what it’s about, but how it’s about it” is the best summary of how to look at film that I’ve ever read.  I like any kind of movie, as long it’s made with daring. 

I’m 34 years old.  My name is James Tatham.


“Life without anything to read is dangerous”Michel Houellebecq

14 Responses to About This Reviewer

  1. Hi

    I’m writing to suggest a link exchange between our sites. I’m a TV critic for The Guardian (UK) and I’ve been developing my own TV review site Aerial Telly (http://aerialtelly.co.uk/) for a few years now which has over 300 reviews online and I thought it might be good for us to link up.

    Give me a shout back if you’re interested.



  2. cineandreea says:

    You have a beautiful style of writing and a great perspective of seeing a movie. Thank you ! Andreea

  3. Michael Dean says:

    I haven’t had a chance to check out your other reviews, but after reading the Rachel Getting Married muckrake I’m totally interested.

  4. Taschima says:

    I read your review in Rachel Getting Married, and I have to say it was hilarious, and completely true. I watched the movie and felt like it didn’t have a point, no goal. I didn’t like it that much as a matter of fact.

    Good site ^^

  5. Ernestine says:

    Hi there,

    I’d love to send you a screener of our film, which is being released by Netflix at the end of the summer. Could you please email with your contact info if you’re interested?


  6. Justin Martel says:

    Individuals who understand Daniel Plainview’s true strength are seldom found. That P.T. Anderson’
    s film is a celebration, Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance a song, is not immediate to many. Its encouraging to think that you are a teacher, for all teachers can inspire change, and there are some among the youth who deserve to find “There will be Blood”, and feel it confirming what they have always felt.

  7. Tom Andrew says:

    Hey. I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links with our site. What-song lists all the songs played in movies, with scene descriptions being added constantly. I left my link so you could look around if you want. Anyway, let me know. Thanks a lot.


  8. Hi,

    We’ve browsed through your reviews and thought that they are really original and interesting! We would like to invite you to publish your reviews on 7tavern.com, which provides an alternative platform for promising movie reviewers to showcase their talents. In addition, you’ll find a growing community of bloggers who share the same passion for excellent movies! Based on the merit of your reviews, we intend to offer you exclusive publishing privileges on our website!

    Please feel free to contact us to discuss our proposal. =)

    7tavern Team

  9. Hello,

    I just was pointed in the direction of your review of my film Choose Not To Fall. I just wanted to thank you for writing such a beautiful review and am very pleased it en-captured you in such a way.

    All the best,


  10. Jaro Minne says:

    Thank you for that great review on Dandelion! Cheers, Jaro

  11. TCF Film UK says:

    INVITE private screening: Sexwork & Me

    TCF Film Group invites you to join the filmmakers and documentary team for this private screening event to celebrate the launch of TCF Film UK – the Cardiff-based sister company of TCF Film Productions (Netherlands) – dedicated to producing and co-producing commercially viable films that have a clear market value and offer solid potential return on investment.

    12 April 12
    Tuesday 8th May at 6pm Cineworld, Cardiff, Screen 15

    Complimentary drinks will be served at 6pm and the film will start at 6.30pm sharp.


    Amsterdam’s red light district – infamous, provocative, erotic – seducing thousands of tourists each year. This documentary goes behind the windows of one of Europe’s most exciting cities to discover the real-life stories of the extraordinary women working there as legal prostitutes.

    The film focuses on a select group of lively, articulate women who make their living in Amsterdam’s red light windows. By showing the day-to-day life of this usually closed group, the documentary opens up a world normally invisible to the public… and reveals the women are just like you & me.

    The film was recently given an Award of Merit by the Women’s Independent Film Festival 2012, Los Angeles.


    • To attend please RSVP promptly to screening@tcf-film.com 
    • Please note tickets numbers are limited. 

    The producers politely request that all media coverage of this event is restricted to business/company news only – the film itself is currently in negotiation for release and may not be reviewed.

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