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10 Films is a great beginning. Our aim is to announce new film-makers to the world; to seek out the most scintillating short films the internet has to offer, and to be an emissary for new talent, a strong voice to shout: This is worth seeing. Here is someone to watch. Too often, in an age of infinite choice, good short films are lost in a whirl of less-interesting diversions. We aim to redress the balance. We believe that YouTube contains wonders. But it’s not enough, for us, that good short films are treasured by a select few, or that great short films dwell in obscurity… because they’re misunderstood. We want to guide people to good films, to explain what seems unclear. Working with film-makers, we want to bridge the gap between inspiration and finding an audience.

Click on image for more details.


Slick Flick Short to Photo Story Competition

SlickFlick is an innovative platform and a great new medium for storytellers.  The aim is to make stories out of pictures.  You – the storyteller – create a narrative series of photographs (filled with imagination, urgency, wit and desire). Slick Flick brings your story to the world.

Turn your short film into a photo story & enter the competition! All eligible entries get promoted and distributed on the Slick Flick app and receive individual feedback from industry experts with no hold whatsoever on your film rights. Winnings include cash prizes, meetings with top agents, producers and directors, special promotion and more.

See for competition details and how to enter.


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