Young Adult – A Review

February 7, 2012

It’s funny how so many sad films are labelled comedies.  There’s a real gap in the movie lexicon under sad.  You’ve got weepies, of course.  And ubiquitous dramas.  But both those end with either death or change.  There isn’t a genre where the protagonist just stumbles on, helpless.  Movies aren’t meant to be like life that way.  Audiences don’t want to be told that loneliness and defeat can triumph.  We can cope with death on-screen.  A sad life is infinitely more hellish.  Maybe that’s why movie marketing departments prefer the word comedy.  Like Jason Reitman’s new comedy, Young Adult.  It’s the saddest film of the year.  Watching it, you come to realise: a woman without intuition is a heart-breaker, alright.  But not in a good way.

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Hancock – A Review

July 6, 2008

Superheroes should be top of list as far as Stuff White People Like; they’re mostly rich; neurotic; obsessed with crime; they practically live at the gym; and they’re kinda nerdy. Even the concept of a superhero is white; it’s not enough for them to be heroic, they have to be super-heroic (talk about an exaggerated sense of self). Black superheroes are almost an oxymoron given this definition. That’s why Hancock comes as such a relief. It’s not exactly that he’s a role-model when we first meet him, but… he’s not preppy, fretty Peter Parker either. Hancock looks (and acts) like a superhero that has sex once in a while; he likes a drink and he swears with authority. Screw Spiderman.

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