Duplicity – A Review

April 5, 2009

Can someone please call time on Tony Gilroy? He may be smart and well-connected, but he makes in-flight movies (i.e. movies you would only watch because the alternative was a 30,000 foot drop). Even the Bourne series – knuckle-hard and email-quick as they are – are forgettable. Can you honestly remember anything from the third Bourne movie? Nothing specific, I’ll bet. And yet, you do remember something. You remember everyone saying it was good. That it was intelligent. That it was made by “grown-ups”. They’ll say the same about Duplicity. And you’ll struggle to remember a single thing about this movie, too.

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Children of Men – A Review

September 16, 2007

What do you do when the world comes undone? Movies about the Apocalypse offer a variety of responses. You could be a hero, like Mad Max, or Kevin Costner (before The Postman). You could cringe in fear, like a disposable character, huddle with the masses and wait while The Hero decides what to do. Or you could be the reluctant hero, like Clive Owen in Children of Men, who gets to cringe in fear and to act heroic. Your only problem with option C: what if you come along too late?

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