Persepolis – A Review

April 27, 2008

A lot of arthouse movies are boring. Some are boring because they’re pretentious. Some are boring because they’re too long. Some seem to lack any point in favour of existing altogether. No one talks about this, of course. It’s like Nicole Kidman’s use of botox; the single-expression elephant in the room. Take Persepolis. It’s boring. The comics were good. The movie… Not so much. Is any notable critic going to say this? Did any notable critic admit Blackboards (iterant teachers, Iran/Iraq border, SUFFERING) made them lose the will to live? No. Only a philistine would say an arthouse movie was boring… Well, bugger it. I’m a philistine. Persepolis sucks.

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300 – A Review

December 22, 2007

Comic books are pornography. That’s why Hollywood loves them. Black and white morality coupled with ultra-violence coupled with sex… Here is a formula that makes sense to film executives. Because books are tough. Let’s face it. Trying to portray the inner-life of complex literary characters is a bitch. Especially when your target audience is 16. So why not not bother? Why not opt for 300 Spartan warriors with no complex inner-lives? “Inner-life” is only a euphemism in Hollywood anyway. To have inner-life a character must stop acting. A movie like 300 is easy to green-light in Hollywood, ’cause Spartans would rather die than succumb to complex thoughts or feelings.

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