Defiance – A Review

January 11, 2009

Poor Ed Zwick; cursed by a forgettable fairy to specialise in mediocre movies. Think of Glory (a white-guilt theme tune waiting on a massacre), or Legends of the Fall (men’s grooming meets WWI), or The Last Samurai (Japanese Imperialism as self-help instruction). Here is a man who took the yuppie ideals of thirtysomething and made a career out of them. So war becomes the issue of the week; each conflict helping people make peace with themselves. His latest is called Defiance. It’s about Jewish partisans fighting the Nazis. Zwick appears to have made it for a buck fifty. Even the bullets look bored.

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Quantum of Solace – A Review

November 2, 2008

Bond. James Bond. My friend, what’s become of you? Where once there was a suave, bespoke-suited sadist who battled lisping megalomaniacs by the dozen, now there is only a pale Jason Bourne-imitation, eternally running, jumping, regretting… This man isn’t Bond. Bond is promiscuous, cheeky; he drinks life. He isn’t a guy in his twenties (like Bourne) trying to piece life together. He’s British, for God’s sake. He was born knowing life is rotten and the best revenge is to smirk at it. The new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, says it’s about revenge, but really it’s about life lessons. Bond learns revenge is bad. Bullshit! Bond doesn’t do ethics.

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