The Grey – A Review

January 29, 2012

There are ways of dying that shouldn’t exist anymore; like being shot with an arrow, or run over by a medieval siege tower.  Being eaten by wild animals is right near the top of that list.  I can never quite imagine how you break the news, when “Chet” (hypothetical web designer and Apple enthusiast) gets gobbled up mid-Tweet: Lotta growling round here LOL…  And the next thing: Chet’s lunch.  Death should keep pace with the times.  You shouldn’t be able to buy an iPad in the same era when you can be eaten by wolves.  Unfortunately, the majority of scary beasts don’t own a calendar.  Whether it’s 2012 or the Bronze Age; to a wolf, we’re still man chow.  We always have been.  It’s only iPhones the wild animals can’t stomach.

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