Pride and Glory – A Review

November 16, 2008

Every cop is Irish – not by birth or marriage; nothing superficial like that – but Irish where it counts: heart, fists, raw eyes, dirty mouth. WASP cops are counterfeit. You can’t cry and be a man if you’re a WASP. You can’t get in a “scrap” if you’re a WASP (for WASP’s, a “scrap” will always be assault and battery). Drinking is always a “problem” for a WASP. This isn’t to say all cops have to be white (being Irish), only that they need to be Men in a messy, violent, poetic way that’s stereotypically Irish. You can’t play golf and be a cop, is the gist. In the new cop movie, Pride and Glory, the NYPD is so Irish it’s a wonder they don’t piss Guinness.

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The Incredible Hulk – A Review

June 15, 2008

Two directors sit down for coffee. One is Ang Lee, a quiet, affable director of art-house fare and family dramas. The other is Louis Leterrier, a confident, all-smiling, Gallic Brett Ratner; director of action extravaganzas. They have met to discuss how they might approach a movie based on the Marvel Comics character The Incredible Hulk.

Ang sees it as an oedipal drama.

Louis tells him he’s over-thinking things.

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