Shotgun Stories – A Review

December 22, 2008

This movie is not “a point-blank buckshot blast of American rage”. So why say it? Why is it we lambaste hyperbole in patently paid-for big budget movie reviews, but overlook the same hyperbole when it’s applied to low budget crap? Yes, yes – low budget movies need good reviews if they’re to find an audience. I’m fine with that. But movies like Shotgun Stories are not good; they’re just low budget. And saying Shotgun Stories is “a high calibre thriller that’s an explosive debut” is bullshit. This is a movie where if you took the word “yeah” out of the script and forbid the cast to look at things meaningfully… NOTHING WOULD F—ING HAPPEN.

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WALL•E – A Review

July 21, 2008

This movie isn’t environmental propaganda. It isn’t satire, either. Nor is it bleak. I feel I should start off my review with a quick précis of what WALL•E isn’t because WALL•E’s been made to sound… arty. And anytime an animated movie sounds arty I start thinking of Belleville Rendezvous and I wonder: is it actually any good? Because Belleville wasn’t good; it was bitter. It looked like the kind of nightmare Hieronymus Bosch might draw inspiration from and it played sloooooow, and frightening. WALL•E isn’t anything like Belleville Rendezvous. It’s more like Manhattan. It avoids satire because – against hope – it believes in people. It’s the most uplifting movie of the year, and the best date movie.

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